Featured Database: Credo Reference

There is one resource you should keep in mind whenever you are starting a research paper of whenever you just want to find a credible overview of a topic: Credo Reference, a full-text online reference collection of more than 360 titles from over 60 publishers. It features over three million entries from atlases, dictionaries, encyclopedias, guides, and other reference books on a wide range of subjects covering the humanities, sciences, social sciences, and technology. Credo Reference includes more than 10,000 topic pages presenting background information, images, links to articles and suggestions for further reading. Included are images, audio files, maps, video clips, Flash animation, and a dynamic table creation/export feature. The Concept Map helps you develop your research topic by exploring related concepts.

The tools in Credo Reference are designed to help you get started on a research assignment, saving your time by delivering authoritative definitions and steering you to book and journal sources for further reading. Give it a try!

You can find Credo Reference in the Databases by title box on the Librarytab in myRedDragon.